I did the six-day program. The first shake was pretty tough but after every single one it became easier to consume. The product really works, I even lost the biofilm. It really gave me a clean feeling and I lost a considerable bit of weight. Great product!


Just completed the 3-day program. Done a lot of programs before but this one beat all my expectations. On the first day I had a bit of a bloated feeling and felt a bit constipated. However, the second day it was jackpot! I’ve been to the toilet roughly 12 times, each time losing a bit of something that wasn’t normally there. The third day I only lost a bit in the morning.
I had enough energy, even did an hour of sport each day.

Absolutely worth repeating

Ruben Jongkind

A beautiful experience and you really do lose that biofilm, for me a bit every day.
I didn’t really like the taste of it but by mixing the shakes with twice the amount of water it was a lot easier. Hopefully you can do something about the taste because I didn’t like it personally.
Unexpected, I felt no need for caffeine or alcohol and was very energetic.
Truly a special product.

Dorine Westerduin

I just want you to know how much I love your product. Last week I did the Colon Detox program and it saved my life!
It’s unbelievable how great I feel! So much energy and attention. It’s like a curtain was lifted.


Last week I tried your detox program and I got to say, FANTASTIC!!!
A big shoutout to all those who helped creating the this product. You really DO lose the biofilm!!

And for the rest, It’s such an easy program. The information is clear as day. No need to find out “what’s next?” and “what to do?”. You can just do it while working. Reeeeeaally good! My husband got very excited too, so I might order 2 next time.

Julia Rijnvis

To my surprise, no hunger during this program. I also lost about 15 lbs. When you see the biofilm with your own eyes you really understand how clean you will be. These days I need about half an hour less sleep each day and got soo much more energy. I like it.


I am impressed of the difference it makes, After four days of producing biofilm it just stopped. But boy, am I happy to eat again!

Samar Arons

Thank you for your FAN-TAS-TIC product! Never have I done a non-invasive intestinal cleanse this efficient! Every morning I was excited to play with my biofilm 🙂 Fascinating what comes out!

A thousand thanks, I am very satisfied!


Just did 6 days, I lost 15lbs, every day I wake up with too much energy and am now behind my desk trying to figure out how to lose all this energy.. 🙂


I did the 12 day programme. In the beginning everything went pretty smooth and my intestines felt a bit cleaner every day. But after day 7 it became a bit harder. I made it to day 9 losing about 14 lbs. I stopped because I was starting to feel more weak and at day 9 this became too much.


I feel great since the programme, no more lunch dip and energy throughout the entire week, my skin feels good and so do I! I have not experienced a long biofilm. I think this all came out mixed with normal faeces.


Did the programme with ease. I felt crystal clear and energetic. Hard work was no problem. I will repeat this every 6 months and I advise everyone to do the same.


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