Why a Colon Detox?

Good health starts in the colon.
It has been known for centuries and doctors tell you “good health starts in the colon”. If the roots are fundamental for a tree’s health, the human equivalent would be the colon. When the roots of a tree are unhealthy, the tree can’t be saved. This also works to a marked degree for a human being, but in this case it’s the colon system.

We are absorbing nutrients through the intestinal system.
Pollution in the colon system causes the absorption of insufficient, incorrect or polluted material, resulting in various consequences. Trying to heal the body in this polluted state will end up as just treatment of symptoms and will turn out to be ineffective.

Good health through detoxification.
Over time the human intestine becomes polluted with debris, faeces and bacteria. This pollution is called “debris”. Excess pollution can result in increased amounts of debris which can have disastrous consequences for our health. Many people attempt to ensure that their colon system is functioning better, so it is unsurprising, the term “detoxification” is very popular nowadays.

Animation Colon Detox

Biofilm, the unhealthy mucous layer

Biofilm is a group of micro-organisms mostly bacteria which stick to each other and adhere to the surface of the colon wall. They form a slimy layer that becomes impenetrable. The biofilm often contains fungi and viruses, as well as bacteria.

The presence of this biofilm causes the dehydration of the intestinal wall so it gets irritated. As a result, not only food and nutrients but also medicines are not absorbed well, while fungi and viruses can penetrate into the blood. This process can cause inflammatory reactions, leaky gut, hypersensitivity and obesity.

For this reason, most people in the western world have a somewhat inflamed  intestinal wall with an unhealthy mucous layer.

I just completed the 3 days diet. It was pretty tough, but the result was absolutely worth it! I think I lost about 5 metres of Biofilm. Wonderful! And I feel so energetic! I would have loved to have done this earlier! I am convinced that many people urgently need this diet. An absolute must.

Kelly Sinclair

Orthomolecular therapist

Advantages of a clean colon system

With a clean colon system you will benefit from healthy food because the nutrients are absorbed much more. The immune system functions better, you lose extra inches and will feel fit and energetic.

Other methods of colon cleansing
Up to now there haven’t been any products or methods on the market that could ensure the whole colon system could be cleaned in an effective and comfortable way. Most products worked with ingredients that have an abrasive or irritating effect and therefore can cause cramps and diarrhoea. Not only do these products cause unpleasant side effects, they are also ineffective. So even after a very unpleasant period of trying to cleanse the intestines, the person does not achieve the desired result. There is also a method of colon cleansing with water(Colon hydrotherapy) which, however effective, is only cleaning the colon. The small intestine and the duodenum are left unhandled.

Finally, now there is a product that cleans the entire intestine, without the bad effects!

The Vitamunda Colon Detox programme makes it possible to get rid of the unhealthy biofilm at home in a safe, simple and comfortable manner. The main ingredient is the fermented bark of the Oil-Palm tree, which has the ability to penetrate the unhealthy mucous layer in the colon and re-hydrate it. Other ingredients also rehydrate the gut wall, so this then becomes “ hydrated”. This causes the unhealthy biofilm to no longer be able to attach itself to the gut wall and it simply slips out of the body and is excreted.


  • Cleans the complete colon system
  • Consistent energy
  • Smaller waist
  • Better metabolism
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Gluten, sugar, soya and lactose free
  • 100% natural

The colon cleansing program is done for a period of 3, 6, or 12 days.
One box lasts a day. A box contains 7 sachets for 7 shakes. The sachets are mixed with water so you have a shake which is easy to consume. You only eat (actually you drink) the shakes in the program. The shakes are taken throughout the day. This is quite simple, as you don’t have to prepare any other food. The shakes contain all necessary nutrients and give you a full up feeling so you will not feel hungry. Enjoy Life Longer!

Enjoy life longer!