Is the usage of the Vitamunda Colon Detox similar to fasting?
No, fasting and Colon Detoxing are hardly similar. When fasting one does not take many nutrients, while our Vitamunda Colon Detox contains a balanced combination of nutrients. Next to detoxification our product contains all necessary nutrients. During the diet you don’t use anything else apart from the product. Just like in fasting, herbal tea and a cup of biological fruit juice are allowed. Coffee and other caffeine containing drinks are not allowed.
When can I expect results?
The amount of pollution in your colon determines how fast you will detoxify.  Most people witness detoxification on visiting the toilet after one day. In the case of serious pollution of the colon wall, the “detoxification” can take 2-3 days.
Does the product sometimes not work with some people?
In our experience this has not happened when following the instructions. All users are very happy with the results. In case you are not, we advise you to send an email to info@vitamunda.co.uk
Is the Vitamunda Colon Detox diet safe?
Yes, the Vitamunda Colon Detox product is very safe. The product is 100% natural and does not contain any toxins or allergens.
Who should not use the product?
During the detox eventual polluting components can come out. Therefore we discourage its use with pregnant women, women who are breast feeding and with children less than 10 years of age.
I have difficulty in swallowing the meal shakes and do not like them, what can I do about it?

Some people have difficulties drinking the meal shakes, here are some tips:
1. Take the meal shakes in 2 parts, first one half of the sachet in 400 ml of water and afterwards the other half with 400 ml of water. This makes it less condensed.
2. To improve the taste you can add a bit of Organic concentrated Juices.
3. Some prefer the meal shakes with warm water, as it tastes more like porridge.

Do I have to stay close to the toilet during the diet?

That is not needed. You will use the toilet a bit more than usual, but disposing of toxic matter will happen without any trouble and is not painful.

Will I also lose weight by using Colon Detox?

Yes, for sure, your metabolism will also start working better because of the diet. You will also notice that the size of your waist will decrease. The Vitamunda Colon Detox is also very suitable as a way to lose weight; in this case we advise you to try our 12-day detox diet.

How long will I have to follow the diet?

This differs from person to person.
Short programme (3 days):
– For slim people who do not want to lose weight.
– For people who have followed a Vitamunda Colon Detox before and want to do maintenance.
Normal programme (6 day diet):
– For people with a normal weight.
Intensive programme (12 day diet)
– For people who are overweight.

Why do you have to do a buildup and cutting down phase in the diet?

This is to diminish the great change from solid food to the detox. Cutting down on solid food decreases possible withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, we advise you to diminish the intake of coffee and alcohol in those days as well. After the detox your colon system is not only cleaned, but also a bit vulnerable. The cells of the colon wall are now getting straight contact with food. The colon system needs some time to adjust to the new situation. That is why you start with liquid food and afterwards soft and boiled food. You will find more information in our instructions.

What do I do if I suddenly fall ill during the diet?

This depends on the situation. If you feel like you have the flu and experience head and muscle aches, these are most probably withdrawal symptoms. It is best to drink a lot of water and continue the diet. In case of serious health problems – something we have never experienced, then it is wise to stop the product and consult a medical doctor.

If I want to eat something or drink something else than water during the detox; is this allowed?

For the best result it is better not to use any other food during the diet. If you want to eat something, because you normally have many more calories during the day, is it best to eat a mashed apple or a mashed tomato. Maximum 2x a day. Next to drinking water, it is also allowed to drink organic herbal tea, fruit juice or vegetable broth.

What can I do if I cannot go to the toilet during the diet?

With a very small percentage of our customers, defecation does not happen daily while on the the diet. By the way, it is not necessary to have immediate or daily defecation during the diet, it is totally normal when this happens every few days.
Some people have a more persistent biofilm, and because of its volume, it stays in its place. This is not harmful at all. The biofilm will always come out; it can just take some days. With some people it only comes when they are at the end of the diet, and also in this case this is not a problem at all. The diet is always a success; the result in this case is just a bit later. If needed, one can take additional measures to get the biofilm out immediately, first of all one can start drinking prune juice, or eat some soaked prunes. In case this is still not enough; we advise the usage of magnesium sulphate (Epsom Salts). This is easy to find online to order or at a good Chemist shop. One dissolves 2 spoons in a large glass of water. It is wise to then stay in the vicinity of the toilet. In case of trouble during the diet which can’t be  solved yourself, it is of course always possible to contact us via email.

I am following the diet and have little to no defecation. Also, I feel bloated. Is that normal?

With a certain percentage of people it is normal that during the diet not much comes out. With these people the biofilm swells a lot, because it is more persistent than others. The bloated feeling comes about because of the swollen biofilm, because of the ingredients of our product that make the biofilm absorb water; this is a positive process. Therefore it can take a little while before it comes out, sometimes even only when one starts to eat normally again.
In that case it is not realty recognizable as the biofilm, but tests have shown it always comes out.
In case you are not comfortable with this, you can take laxative tea during the diet, prune juice, or in even more severe cases, Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate). But be assured, it is absolutely not abnormal that it is not visible -something is happening. Each person reacts differently and reacts in a unique way. The nice thing about our product is that it always does its work, whether it comes out after 1 or 7 days. Don’t lose courage and continue, the product will work on the biofilm, even when it only comes out after you are back eating normally.

Are good bacteria also getting lost with the diet?

No, this is not so. The good bacteria are situated in the colon wall. Because of the biofilm, the unhealthy mucous layer, the colon wall is getting pressure and dehydrates. A shortage of good bacteria comes about and a surplus of disease- creating bacteria. When you get rid of the unhealthy mucous layer, the colon wall will recover. So our product does not affect the “healthy biofilm”, and strictly speaking this is no biofilm. But this is the healthy mucous layer which covers all human mucous membranes. Think of the slimy surface of the inside of the mouth, that is the healthy mucous layer. Normally speaking, this should be the case in the colon on the colon wall, but because harmful bacteria have formed a shield over it the healthy mucous layer is dehydrating. The healthy mucous layer, if this is still present in the colon system, does not have a layer which can be permeated by our product, so this can’t be removed by our product. By using our product the biofilm of harmful bacteria disappears and the healthy mucous layer in the colon system can be rebuilt by the body.

After the diet we advise you to replenish the good bacteria by, for instance, eating probiotic nutrients and by using our Superbiotica, whereby the good bacteria can multiply. In this way you keep the colon flora in the best condition.

What does the biofilm look like?

We cannot make it more palatable. The biofilm can glide out at once as shown on the picture, or just in parts without you noticing it. The bowel movements might look different than you are accustomed to.

Biofilm witte achtergrond test

Is there a scientific study for the product?

A scientific proof for a natural product is rare. Only when a product is being sold by a large firm which can afford to hire scientists to do research,  can you expect that. We are a company that brings a product from idealistic motives. A product already rather costly because of the expensive production method. We could get more scientific research done, which would cost us so much money that the product would not be affordable anymore.

Next to our own practical research, numerous positive results have now been obtained from people who have used the product all over the world.

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