Vitamunda’s mission is to bring high-quality nutritional supplements on the market that ensure the body can function optimally. Following extensive research, only the best products of their type are put on the market.

Personal Service
Vitamunda also has high standards when it comes to service. Our customer service employees are available by phone, email, chat, and through social media. Our customer service is able to answer your questions quickly.

Vitamunda is active in a large number of European countries, with a particular emphasis on Western Europe. Nevertheless, customers outside of Europe also manage to find us. Thanks to effective stock planning and short delivery times, we can quickly serve wholesalers, professionals, and consumers at home and abroad.

Quality and Innovation
Thanks to our team of therapists from different disciplines—including nutrition therapy, colon hydrotherapy, bio-resonance therapy, and naturopathy—we have a lot of in-house knowledge. This team collaborates to research and produce the best possible products. All Vitamunda products are developed in-house according to GMP and HACCP standards. By producing our products ourselves, they have exactly the right composition for the most optimal effect. All our products exclusively contain pure and active ingredients. In other words, our products do not contain fillers, anti-caking agents, and preservatives.

Vitamunda considers CO2 emission reductions in all its activities. Vitamunda also attaches great importance to the sustainability of the materials used. We do this by using recyclable materials as much as possible. For instance, our supplements are packed in glass bottles with a low ecological footprint. Not to mention, our glass bottles come with various advantages for our products. The bottle does not let air though and the amber colour blocks daylight. Finally, by constantly optimising our production and transport processes, we are able to continuously reduce the CO2 emissions of our daily operations.

Wholesale and Professionals
We supply our products to wholesalers either with or without our own label. Professionals with their own practice who are active in the sector may also benefit from Vitamunda’s favourable purchasing prices. If you would like more information, please contact our customer service, on workdays from 8 AM to 4.30 PM at 020 38073141.

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